Mouthwatering Menus for Lunch and Your Kids

Kid’s Menu

You can let your kids tag along on your visit to Rusty Rudder knowing that they will also find some exciting bites. The items on this list include grilled cheese and french fries, four chicken tenders and french fries, six mini corn dogs and french fries, five fried shrimp and french fries, and Kraft mac and cheese.

Lunch Menu

If you thought the brunch menu exciting, you will love the Lunch menu. Rusty Rudder’s menu features a fantastic selection of starters, salads, chicken/burgers, entrees/sandwiches, platters, mac n cheese, and sides. A great way to start your lunch dining experience is with the smoked & grilled wings which are accompanied by sriracha lime, Alabama white, atomic hot, buffalo barbeque, ranch, garlic parmesan, old bay, blackened and pineapple hoisin sauce. The peel-and-eat shrimp offers a tasteful way to start your lunch experience. Just as the name suggests, once you peel the shrimp you are ready to go. This selection features 0.5-pound local shrimp tossed in a sauce of your choice among garlic parmesan, old bay, blackened Asian shrimp sauce, Alabama white, and barbeque sauce.

The Calamari is also worth a try. It features a flash-fried in sesame breading alongside hot peppers. The Calamari has wasabi aioli toppings and is accompanied by a sweet chili sauce. If you would like a taste of some of the most delightful seafood starters around, then the Seafood Fritter is for you. This selection combines shrimp, oyster, and clamp fried in Rusty Rudder’s tabasco oil sweet corn batter. Seafood lovers might also find the crab dip a rewarding experience. The crab dip features a lump crab baked with parmesan cheese and light cream sauce, accompanied with a french baguette.

One of the salads you must-try during your visit to Rusty Rudder is the Brisket Salad. This salad selection features a smoked brisket accompanied by roasted corn, fried onion strings, smoked pepper vinaigrette, roasted red pepper, and cornbread croutons. The spinach & arugula salad is equally exciting and is topped with blue cheese vinaigrette, parmesan cheese, bacon, and tomato. Other salad selections include garden salad, shrimp cobb, quinoa salad, and roasted beet and goat cheese salad.

If you are craving a burger during your visit to The Rusty Rudder, you might want to order the ultimate barbeque. This bugger comes topped with homemade barbeque sauce, ground pork rinds, smoked pork belly, bacon jam, and American cheese. Other burger options that might interest you include the classic burger, buffalo blue burger, low country burger, or veggie burger if you’re a vegetarian.

Fancy a sandwich? You will find Rusty Rudder’s sandwich and entrees list tasteful and hard to exhaust. Choose from a fantastic selection that includes a pulled pork sandwich, flounder sandwich, brisket sandwich, crab cake sandwich, fried waffle chicken, roasted salmon, and many more. Mac n cheese includes barbeque mac, brisket mac, veggie mac, and oyster Rockefeller. Side dishes include coleslaw, hand-cut fries, grits, sauteed spinach, collard greens, mac n cheese.