The Rusty Rudder

The Appetizing Dinner Menu

Just like the lunch menu, Rusty Rudder’s dinner selection offers an irresistible combination of starters, salad, sandwiches, entrees, and platters. For starters, the tuna promises to delight the palate and pave way for the rest of your evening dining experience. This selection features fresh yellowfin tuna with soy pickles and house kimchi. The seared tuna comes with wasabi aioli and pineapple hoisin toppings. Another interesting starter that is often overlooked is the pimento cheese dip featuring homemade pimento cheese accompanied with house pickles and french baguette. Other starters on the dinner menu include crab dip, seafood fritter, smoked tomato bisque, barbeque shrimp, and calamari, among others.

On the salad side, you should try the wedge salad, which features blue cheese crumbles, a drizzled, balsamic reduction, bacon, tomato, and onion. The roasted beet and goat cheese are also worth considering, it features yellow and red beets with toasted almond, a smoked pepper vinaigrette, and goat cheese crumbles.

If you are craving a sandwich, you might want to order the Charleston Hot Chicken. This sandwich selection features paprika and cayenne spiced deep-fried chicken breast served with house pickles on a toasted brioche bun. A classic cheeseburger is also a great option. This selection features lettuce, house pickles, onion, tomatoes, and any cheese of your choice. If you would like a vegetarian option, then the veggie burger is for you. It is in house ground and with seasonal vegetables and features a balsamic reduction, tomato, onion, arugula, and goat cheese.

As for entrees, an excellent option is the fried waffle chicken, which features a chicken breast that’s waffle encrusted, and with a mustard glaze topping. It is served over collard greens and pimento cheese grits. The blackened chicken alfredo is another fantastic selection. This selection is served with cajun alfredo sauce, mushroom, tomato, and roasted red pepper. If you would like something with a touch of shrimp, the shrimp linguine is for you. This selection features sauteed shrimp, spinach, asparagus, and tomato served in s white wine butter sauce. Sides include roasted Brussel sprouts, sauteed spinach, mashed potatoes, collard greens mac and cheese, hand-cut fries, and grilled asparagus.

The Rusty Rudder in Mt Pleasant is ideal for hanging out with family and friends and features an extensive menu selection that takes into mind different diners such as kids and vegetarians. All in all, the restaurant offers an experience that does not disappoint your palate.…

Mouthwatering Menus for Lunch and Your Kids

Kid’s Menu

You can let your kids tag along on your visit to Rusty Rudder knowing that they will also find some exciting bites. The items on this list include grilled cheese and french fries, four chicken tenders and french fries, six mini corn dogs and french fries, five fried shrimp and french fries, and Kraft mac and cheese.

Lunch Menu

If you thought the brunch menu exciting, you will love the Lunch menu. Rusty Rudder’s menu features a fantastic selection of starters, salads, chicken/burgers, entrees/sandwiches, platters, mac n cheese, and sides. A great way to start your lunch dining experience is with the smoked & grilled wings which are accompanied by sriracha lime, Alabama white, atomic hot, buffalo barbeque, ranch, garlic parmesan, old bay, blackened and pineapple hoisin sauce. The peel-and-eat shrimp offers a tasteful way to start your lunch experience. Just as the name suggests, once you peel the shrimp you are ready to go. This selection features 0.5-pound local shrimp tossed in a sauce of your choice among garlic parmesan, old bay, blackened Asian shrimp sauce, Alabama white, and barbeque sauce.

The Calamari is also worth a try. It features a flash-fried in sesame breading alongside hot peppers. The Calamari has wasabi aioli toppings and is accompanied by a sweet chili sauce. If you would like a taste of some of the most delightful seafood starters around, then the Seafood Fritter is for you. This selection combines shrimp, oyster, and clamp fried in Rusty Rudder’s tabasco oil sweet corn batter. Seafood lovers might also find the crab dip a rewarding experience. The crab dip features a lump crab baked with parmesan cheese and light cream sauce, accompanied with a french baguette.

One of the salads you must-try during your visit to Rusty Rudder is the Brisket Salad. This salad selection features a smoked brisket accompanied by roasted corn, fried onion strings, smoked pepper vinaigrette, roasted red pepper, and cornbread croutons. The spinach & arugula salad is equally exciting and is topped with blue cheese vinaigrette, parmesan cheese, bacon, and tomato. Other salad selections include garden salad, shrimp cobb, quinoa salad, and roasted beet and goat cheese salad.

If you are craving a burger during your visit to The Rusty Rudder, you might want to order the ultimate barbeque. This bugger comes topped with homemade barbeque sauce, ground pork rinds, smoked pork belly, bacon jam, and American cheese. Other burger options that might interest you include the classic burger, buffalo blue burger, low country burger, or veggie burger if you’re a vegetarian.

Fancy a sandwich? You will find Rusty Rudder’s sandwich and entrees list tasteful and hard to exhaust. Choose from a fantastic selection that includes a pulled pork sandwich, flounder sandwich, brisket sandwich, crab cake sandwich, fried waffle chicken, roasted salmon, and many more. Mac n cheese includes barbeque mac, brisket mac, veggie mac, and oyster Rockefeller. Side dishes include coleslaw, hand-cut fries, grits, sauteed spinach, collard greens, mac n cheese.…

The Rusty Rudder – A Must Go-to Destination at Mt. Pleasant

In Mt. Pleasant, it seems as if a new restaurant is launched about every other day. With such a fantastic selection to choose from, it might prove an uphill task trying to separate the truly mundane from the truly magnificent and you might find yourself sifting through a never-ending list of yelp reviews. When people visit Charleston, aside from trying to avoid overspending and getting into financial hot water with lenders, discovering the drink and food scene is often at the top of their bucket list of things to do. With a countless number of bars and restaurants in downtown Charleston alone, it is the ideal place for those seeking to indulge in libations and local cuisine. From fancy rooftop spaces to outdoor breweries, Charleston offers one of the most promising and delightful scenes. Luckily, we have an excellent recommendation for all food enthusiasts intending to gracing the City of Charleston with their presence. Featuring award-winning wings, house-smoked BBQ, fresh seafood, and local craft beer, The Rusty Rudder is the go-to destination if you are seeking bar dishes in Mt. Pleasant. You might be drawn by the fried oysters or mac ‘n’ cheese, but the extensive beer selection, lively atmosphere, and outstanding service will keep you here. The Mt. Pleasant establishment is a fantastic place to have a bite with your lads, or if you are seeking the best of what Charleston’s fantastic bar scene has to offer

Established by Brian Johnston and Eric Paul, The Rusty Rudder is a delightful dining area in Mt Pleasant. The Rusty Rudder comprises one of Cornelius’ most essential waterfront commercial parcels. The close to the 5-acre site includes various wooden structures, boat slips, warehouses, and prefab boat storage. The tiki bar at Rusty Rudder is one of Cornelius’ most loved outdoor spaces.

Brunch Menu

Rusty Rudder’s Brunch menu features various selections of omelets, benedicts, and entrees. The omelets are served with your choice of grits or hash brown casserole, and biscuit or toast. Seafood omelet features shrimp, cheddar, spinach, and tomato. The garden omelet features asparagus, pepper, parmesan cheese, and onion. The lowest-priced omelet selection on Rusty Rudder’s menu is the barbeque pork which comprises house-smoked pork, onion, cheese, and pepper. Another popular omelet selection is the three meat omelet which comprises ham, bacon, sausage, and cheese. As for the benedicts, you can choose from a selection of grits and hashbrown casserole. One of the popular benedict selections is the Oyster Rockefeller which comprises fried oyster, parmesan cheese with a traditional hollandaise, toasted English muffin, and sauteed spinach bacon. The barbeque pork benedict features house-smoked pulled pork mustard barbeque hollandaise, and buttermilk. Another exciting item in Rusty Rudder’s selection of benedicts is the Ham which features country, a traditional hollandaise, and toasted English muffin. The crab benedict incorporates crab cakes with old bay hollandaise over toasted English muffin.

If you thought the brunch menu couldn’t get any more exciting, you might want to scroll your eyes down to the entrees section of the brunch menu. The entree selection with the highest price is the Brisket Hash which goes for $14 and consists of peppers, potatoes, onions, jack, and cheddar cheese, and the traditional hollandaise served over cornbread. The Brisket Hash is accompanied by bacon maple cornbread and 2 eggs made in a style of your choice. The Mornay is 8 oz. burger with a fried egg topping fried green tomato, bacon, mornay sauce over an English muffin, and is accompanied with a hash brown casserole. Another entree that promises to delight is the smothered yard bird which features a boneless southern fried chicken and buttermilk biscuit smothered in Rusty Rudder’s sausage gravy with two eggs made in a style of your choice. The lowest-priced entree is the Country Plate and comprises two eggs made in a style of your choice, accompanied by hashbrown casserole or grit, toast or biscuit, and bacon.…